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When planning a wedding

We consider it a privilege and responsibility to help you achieve your dream wedding.  Few people understand the amount of logistics and coordination involved to pull off a well orchestrated wedding.  Once that you will always fondly remember.  Add to that, you’ll have amazing photos that capture the life moments.  Not staged, but real and authentic.  That’s our speciality.  Few wedding and professional photographers have the nature gifting and eye of Jake Lawrence.  Give us a call today and let’s get started towards achieving one of the most memorable days of your life!

Wedding venue

Have you already secured a venue & wedding planner? That's a huge decision! We work closely with your planner/coordinator to help everything go smoothly on your big day. We'll help that day become everything you hoped

Shoot Schedule

A plan is the first step. Consider a wedding like a production, you must have a plan & a director of logistics in order to achieve the best results. Our shoot schedule will bring calm & order to your wedding

Final Product

Weddings are big occasions not to be left to anyone. We capture moments that live for a lifetime. Often capturing family & friends that you will treasure for the rest of your life. Our final product will deliver memories to be shared again & again

How it works



We’ll meet with you and discuss your big day.  What are your goals and how can we best help you achieve them



Your Wedding requires developing a strategy to master all the logistics.  It’s a lot – we know.  But we’ll help you get there.



We’ll develop a photo shot schedule as part of your big day.  This plan is of primary importance and will ensure your wedding goes smoothly



On your wedding day, we will work with your wedding coordinator to implement the photo shoot schedule.  We’ll produce – you enjoy!


Final Result

Through professional editing, we’ll deliver the exciting final product.  And we think you’ll be loving our delivery method

Ready to get started?

Let’s do this – message us today and let’s schedule an initial meeting!

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